Buy the LXCcoin – a cryptocoin with yearly growing underlying value

The LXCCoin is a cryptocoin, unlike all other cryptocoins. It is covered by 100% cash base value, which is invested under agreement with a company in P2P lending, performing on average 12% annually. Thereby, it is a “real” currency in nominal terms, with a very real profitability and performance. Instead of investing huge resources in technology and adaptation, the coin supports the best functionality of other coins, aiming to become liquid towards the “transaction” coins (Bitcoin and the other developed transactional coins), becoming the best place to store cryptocoin values when not in use and becoming a “cryptobank” with safety and profits. To make this possible, the coin has had to sacrifice “mining”; the most popular feature of cryptocoins, to avoid a constant issue of more coins. Thus, the number of LXC’s is constant, and every issued coin has 100%+ coverage in the base asset value behind the coin.

The LXCCoin is based on the BitCoin source code, as most other cryptocurrencies. There are two main types of cryptocoins; “proof of work” coins, and “proof of stake” coins. The LXCCoin is a “Proof of Stake” coin. All the coins are issued, and there is only a minute issue of “mining” to secure the worldwide network. Coins are sold for cash or they can be exchanged for other cryptocoins. There is also a limited possibility to enter into the coin through sales of P2P loans in the P2P partner companies the LXC has approved, which has a high degree of security and years of stability and growth. Through these strict rules, the coin is secured in relation to the value of the base asset, and gives the base assets a great profitability (up to 12% per year). The base asset capital is invested throughout the markets, exposing the base asset value towards the strong Scandinavian currencies and the Euro, mitigating currency risk.

Please read here how you can buy LXCCoin. After your purchase,you trade your LXCCoin on the Swypto Exchange. You can also purchase and read more about LXCCoin .